With 2013’s Black History Month in our rearview, it’s always good to reflect on some of the moments created during the 28-day celebration of Blackness. Normally the month is chock-full of shining examples of how to move us forward as a people with pride and dignity. In true “make something out of nothing” fashion we take the shortest month of the year and fill it with a years worth of highlights.

Unfortunately, the citizens of the Ratchet Republic were allowed into the party… and they treated Black History Month like a 2am Waffle House stop, creating enough buffoonish bad looks to bring Black people to the brink of an all out coon apocalypse. Despite the dignity that should have been the goal, colored folk across the country seemed hell bent on giving Uncle Ruckus a reason to smile.

In the interest of the public safety, we at The Urban Daily decided to compile a list of some moments that made us feel as if the 28 days of February were about 20 days too long.

10) Men arrested for stealing $65,000 in chicken wings.

This was a def-coon nine alert all the way. It’s only number 10 because it happened on Jan 28th. But it already showed what kind of ratchetness we had to look forward to in February.

9) ASAP Rocky & Danny Brown on Coonin with Kathy Griffin.

These two  rappers from the hoods of NY and Detroit drooling over Kathy Griffin? The two went so far as to suck on her breasts and kiss her stomach in the least hood dice game ever. Image is nothing… but thirst is EVERYTHING on T.V.

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