Too much is happening at Chuck E. Cheese’s! A good old fashioned shooting happened when a man was shot after a man got into a fight and left Chuck E. Cheese’s without paying his $286 bill in Boynton, Fla., last Saturday, according to the Sun-Senitel. The shooting didn’t have anything to do with the employees of every kid’s favorite playtime restaurant, but everything seemed to go down after the dine-and-dash occurred.

After Alfred Warren Peoples Jr. (pictured above) left the restaurant in his pickup truck and the police arrived on the scene. Witnesses pointed to his truck exiting the parking lot. Police caught up to the truck and stopped him, and they found multiple packages of marijuana, crack cocaine, and prescription pills were thrown from the truck.

Two other passengers were found in the car, Robert Thompson and Briana G. Walker, and all three were arrested. According to the police none of them were involved in the shooting.

Meanwhile back at Chuck E. Cheese, after the original fight happened, the two men fighting went to “continue the fight” when one man pulled out a gun and shot him in the leg. No one has been arrested in the shooting.

Michelle Chism, a spokeswoman for Chuck E. Cheese in Dallas, Texas, said the restaurant chain was aware of the incident and that it takes “great measures” to ensure the security of patrons.

“We are proud of the swift action by our team to get those involved in the incident outside our store and away from other guests, but we are saddened to hear that incident continued in another area of the Boynton Beach community,” Chism said in a statement.

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