Just when you thought we’d heard all of the dumbest excuses in the world, a woman from Tulsa, Oklahoma goes and does this. Amber Hilberling is on trial for second-degree murder in connection with the death of her Air Force veteran husband Josh Hilberling. She says it wasn’t her fault her husband fell out of a window after she pushed him, but it was the window’s fault for not being strong enough to catch him.

Amber Hilberling is currently fighting a second-degree murder charge after she pushed her husband out of a window where he fell seventeen stories to his death. She maintains she never intended to kill her husband and that the window is the one to fault because it should’ve been made with stronger glass. Amber Hilberling is so serious about placing blame on the window, she sued the apartment building University Club Towers for negligence concerning its “dangerously unsafe” glass.

Why did she push him? Was he caught cheating like these people??

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As for the second-degree murder charge, Amber Hilberling’s lawyer said in his opening statement that Amber, who was pregnant at the time of the June 2011 incident, pushed Josh Hilberling in self-defense. Countering her claims were various witnesses who testified that Amber Hilberling was distraught and hysterical when the incident occurred. one witness stated that they heard Amber Hilberling scream, “My husband fell out the window! I pushed my husband out the window! I killed my husband.”

A glass repairman named Armando Rosales testified Amber Hilberling is right that the glass window in her apartment was thinner than windows normally are in highrise buildings, but that it wasn’t much stronger than windows found in homes. Rosales also testified that he feared Amber Hilberling would push him through the window when he entered the apartment.

What do you think about Amber Hilberling’s blaming a glass window as the reason her husband is dead despite the fact she admitted to pushing him through it? Sound off in the comments.



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