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Well, as long as it’s for the kids! TMZ is reporting that kids at Barrington High School in Chicago sat in anticipation of a Rihanna show  for hours, as the winners of a charity competition put on by Rihanna herself!

The student body consisting of about 2,500 students were stuffed into a tiny gym for 4 hours waiting for Ri-Ri! Rihanna was supposed to show up at 1 PM for the charity event but walked in at about 5 pm!  She reportedly didn’t give much of a reason for being tardy to their party, and only stayed on the stage for about 16 mins total. 

Way to stay classy Rihanna. We’re sure the kids appreciated it. It’s one thing if they invited you, it’s another if you are the reason for the event in the first place. We guess common courtesy just isn’t common anymore! What do you think? Does Rihanna owe the kids more? Take our poll and have your say!

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