On Friday March 29th Tyler Perry presents his latest film, the sexually charged “Temptation.” While we haven’t seen the film yet, the trailer has piqued our interest. Here are 5 reasons we want to check it out that we’ve chopped, screwed and slowed down for maximum impact.

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5) Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Judith

Quotable:”I wanna feel alive. I wanna feel wanted.”

The titular marriage counselor has been locked downfor six years to Brice (Lance Gross) and known him for 19. He is the only man she’s ever had sex with but he has been slacken’ on his mackin.

4) Robbie Jones, Harley

Quotable: “Most women can’t handle the kind of emotion I bring.”

The largest “social media inventor since Zuckerburg” flies a private plane and runs with his shirt off. He’s looking to invest with Judith’s boss (Vanessa Williams) company, but has plans for a more private merger with Judith. He rescues Judith after a bike accident and proves to have quite the bedside manner.

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