This is no way to celebrate your birthday. Tuesday evening, three Long Island teenagers found they were on the wrong platform for the train in the Upper East Side in New York City. Instead of using the stairs to get to the other side, they decided to cross the platform.

According to the Daily News, one made it all the cross, one didn’t even attempt to walk on the tracks, and the remaining teen got hit by the 2 train as it came into the station.

Witness give their account of what happened. (Thanks to Gawker.)

“He got smacked by a 2 express train,” said Bronx resident Anthony Escobar, 36. “He got fried and mangled.”

“I heard the conductor yell, like give out a scream or a moan,” said John D’Alessandro, who was in the first car of the train.

The subway came to a screeching halt and lost its power. Panicked passengers waited anxiously in the dark for more than an hour, as cops and firefighters tried to salvage the victim’s body.

“I saw the arms, blood on the hands,” said Leola Browder, 28. “Some people were upset and scared. Others were more worried about going where they had to go.”

(Photo via Flickr)

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