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When it comes to social networks like Twitter, you’re more likely to hear an artist venting, complaining or picking a beef than saying something sincere about someone else. But in a candid moment back in 2011 N.O.R.E took time out to share a Christmas wish for the reconciliation of his former label head Damon Dash and his partner Jay-Z.

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“For Christmas I ask Santa if Hov and Dame could talk,” Nore wrote on his Twitter page on Jay-Z’s birthday in 2011. “Maybe make Irv president of something and to free Boosie n  Ja Rule. I hope I get it. Please.”

Noreaga was never signed to Roc-A-Fella but in 2006 he released a Reggaeton album on Roc-La-Familia called N.O.R.E. y la Familia…Ya Tú Sabe executive produced by Jay-Z.  Nore also appeared in several of the Roc-A-Fella movies including State PropertyState Property 2 and Death of A Dynasty. With news of his own reconciliation with partner Capone it seemed only right to share what inspired N.O.R.E to be so open about one of the most volatile break-ups in hip-hop business history.

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“Obviously I wasn’t a Roc-A-Fella artist but I was effected by when they broke up I was coming to Roc-A-Fella,” N.O.R.E told  “It was a horrible thing because if me and Capone couldn’t do business together I want to stay Capone’s friend. Me and Capone met as friends and became best friends and somewhere along the line the business got involved and made us go like that [gestures going apart with his fingers]. I realized that and reached out to Capone to be a friend. It still doesn’t matter to me if we do another CNN or not–I would love to–but I would rather maintain his friendship. And that’s what I see with Biggs, Dame and Jay. I just really want them to be friends. When they were together I seen the happiness in Jay’s face. I seen the happiness in Dame’s face..I’m not telling them to be best friends but I think that if you came in this business as friends I think you should leave this business as friends.”

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