If you’re a news reporter in Valrico, Florida, make sure you steer clear of John McDonough. McDonough doesn’t like to be questioned about the immature beef  he has with his neighbors.

Drew and Nicole Carver called the Channel 10 News and pitched a story about John McDonough, their neighbor from hell. The news station reported on the beef between neighbors which started after the Carvers called wildlife officials to have an alligator removed from their home retention pond they share with McDonough. John McDonough was so upset by the removal of the alligator, he began harassing the couple. The enraged alligator enthusiast posted a sign on his front lawn saying, “In memory of Chris Kyle,” who was an army veteran murdered by a fellow veteran.

According to Nicole Carver, “He removed Chris Kyle’s name from the sign and he said, ‘Your name will be in there next.'”

Drew Carver added, “It’s very difficult for me to be told by a neighbor that people like me have problems assimilating back into society. That people like your kind should be living on base’ and we’re not welcome out in a neighborhood like this.”

When the news reporter asked McDonough about the ongoing feud, he began screaming and yelling, “There is no offensive sign. What offensive sign? I have a right. I am a U.S. citizen!”

The Carvers are currently looking for a lawyer so they can file a restraining order against john McDonough. After seeing the video, you’ll understand why it’s needed.



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