We all know that there is no honor amongst thieves. Now, we can officially say there is also no common sense amongst them either. A gang of thieves were recently arrested after robbing a convenience store. Police were able to catch them because the thieves walked straight back to their home in the snow and left tracks!

Employees at the One Stop convenience store in Whitnash, England were going on about their day when two men entered the store and threatened them. The two robbers took money, lottery scratch-offs, and stamps. No one was hurt during the robbery and when the two men left the scene, the employees phoned police. Once the police arrived, they were able to follow the footprints back to the stealing pair’s hideaway.

Upon further investigation, police went to another address and arrested the two suspects and four other people involved in the theft ring. Four of the suspects were charged with robbery while the remaining two people were released without being charged. Out of the four charged with robbery, one was a 16-year-old girl. She was later released when her bail was posted. the other three, who are adults, went before the court and were remanded to jail.

There really isn’t much to say about this except these people are dumb as hell. Committing robberies in the snow when you have no getaway car? What in the world were they thinking?



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