Note to self: don’t ever go to the dentist in Indiana. A man learned that lesson the hard way when he went to the dentist to have three teeth pulled and walked out of the dentist office with a mouth full of gums.

An Autistic 21-year-old named Christopher Crist went to the Amazing Family Dental complaining of having a toothache. Crist’s family told him to tell the dentist to only remove the teeth that were causing Christopher pain which was a total of three teeth. Christopher Crist said, “They pulled 32 teeth. They pulled every last one of them. I am going to look like a freak now.”

Christopher Crist and his family got their local news station involved in the matter. Fox59 went to to Amazing Family Dental to hear their side of the story and despite their sign saying they were open, the doors were locked. The news reporter was told by the doctor’s attorney that they were inside but refused to comment on the matter. Later, Amazing Family Dental did send a statement to the news station, saying, “Amazing Family Dental, PC and its Dentist comply with the Health Portability and Accountability Act(HIPPA)by keeping patient information confidential. This dental office also cooperates with patients by making patient files available to the patient on the patient’s request.”

The Crist family is calling bull on the dental office because they say they’ve been trying to retrieve those files from the dentist and haven’t gotten anything. Christopher and his parents are preparing to file a lawsuit against the dental practice. While the dentists of Amazing Family Dental are preparing to defend themselves against the lawsuit, other dentists have said in some instances pulling a high number of teeth is necessary to save the others.

None of that matters to Christopher Crist. He is very worried about how people will view him now that he no longer has any teeth. “I do not know how she is going to look at me, and I do not know how my friends are going to look at me now.”

It’s stories like this that make people want to stay as far away from the dentist as possible. It’s already not a pleasant experience and this is just the cherry on top.



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