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Kim Zolciak, clearly feels that she has been slandered by one Miss Kandi Burruss, and she is not going to take it lying down. According to TMZ, Kim has filed legal court documents alleging that Kandi has been telling untruths about her and the song that she co-authored a few years back while they were taping the Real Housewives Of Atlanta, “Tardy For The Party“.

If you have been following this show for the past few years, then you already know that this song has been a source of contention between the two women as Kandi has always alleged that she had not been properly compensated for all of her work on the song.

In fact, Kandi began court proceedings to sue Kim for her fair portion of the money Kim made from T For The P. Refresh your memory below!

Kim claims that Kandi is only saying these things as a cheap publicity stunt to get people to watch her new TV show on Bravo, “The Kandi Factory” in which Kandi tries to create a pop star from mass contestants.

It seems as though Kim has forgotten that we can hear, and we heard her trying to sing. We also heard how she sounded once Kandi worked it out for her. So therefore, she should have paid Kandi a whole lot of them there dollars! Without Kandi, how many copies would Kim’s song have sold? Yeah exactly.


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