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Urban America’s favorite show, “Love & Hip Hop,” should really be called “Fighting & F*cking.” The only time Hip-Hop gets mentioned – or so it seems – is when a cast member wants to show off their relevance. By far, one of the most fascinating characters is Stevie J, who is now more notorious for his creepy, rat-like scowl & sex offender swagger than he is for the numerous Bad Boy Records hits he helped churn out in the 90’s.

Stevie J is a man who loves women, so much so that he can’t seem to choose between his baby momma Mimi and one of his artists that he just might be in love with known as Joseline Hernandez. This pretzled plot line makes for plenty of awkwardly entertaining mayhem, because it’s clear that he’s not able to pick one woman. If you ask me, I think he fell in love with both, but still wants to live life as a sexual predator mack daddy. Had Stevie done a little research, he could’ve avoided the sand trap he seems so comfortable in on every drama-drenched episode. See, there’s a certain etiquette to having a main girl and a side chick, and apparently Stevie only knows about the misconceptions, as do most men. Peep a few misconceptions most men have about conducting sidepiece relations make sure you don’t fall victim.

Misconception #1: She Should Look Better Than Your Main Girl

This is a definitive no-no. That’s a straight shot to over-shooting your target. If your intention is to have a friend on the side, don’t complicate it with things like beauty. Really though, the easier it is to stare at her is the harder it’ll be to leave. I’m not suggesting you hang with a boogerwolf, but there’s no need to further tempt yourself with a hot chick. No reason to carry a dime when a nickel will do just fine.

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