It’s crazy how far people will go to get their brand out in the mainstream. An Australian TV station took it all the way over the top with an advertisement depicting bestiality. The response has been so overwhelming, the company has decided to remove it.

The offensive billboard, paid for by Foxtel’s Studio channel, is prominently displayed on the main part of town. the ad shows a man simulating sex with a pig. The controversial photo was taken from a British television series “Black Mirror” which is being shown on the Studio channel as part of their “Festival of WTF.” The specific episode of “Black Mirror” centers around a princess who is kidnapped and in order for her to be freed from captivity, the British Prime Minister must have sex with the pig on national television. Don’t look at me. I’m just as confused and disgusted as you are.

The general manager Chris Keely said, “While art can sometimes be divisive or provocative, we certainly did not intend to upset anyone with this campaign. We apologize for any offense that was caused by the billboard. We will be immediately replacing it overnight.”

A member of the Australian Christian Lobby, Wendy Davis had quite a lot too say about the billboard and it effect on children. “I’m in my 50s. I’m big enough and ugly enough, but that’s really distressing. My stomach actually turned. The damage is already done. It’s already up now, it’s got media attention. This is exactly what these advertisers want. They know this is damaging children. They know that this is not normal behavior. They know that it will create attention. They are not thinking of our society, of children being confronted by adult concepts. And these are adult concepts that are not even normal.”

Although plenty of publications reached out for a comment on the appalling billboard, Australia’s Advertising Standards Board has not made any comment.



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