Just when I thought it was over. Just when I thought I was looking at a video where Spectacular explains himself for putting out this craziness of him dancing like he was at a strip club in West Village, he does it again. This time he makes it a point to let us know that changed his drawers to a different color and then commences with more of what’s making people question his sexuality. If he’s gay? Cool. More power to him. I’m a straight man who supports Prop 8 in my state but, just do us all a favor and come out already. Quit sucking your teeth (pause) and frontin’ like you’re gay dancing “for the ladies” because you’re not. You can’t. It’s not possible because even women find this unacceptable. Put a shirt on your skinny self. You get no more passes. You can’t rationalize or explain yourself out of this one. I couldn’t even finish watching this video. Once I saw him dip to the floor and do the Sanchez dance it was a wrap.

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