Keyshia Cole’s mother Frankie is allegedly dating ex-Pretty Ricky member coke em’  Slick em’. obtained photos of the two canoodling at a nightclub side by side. While Frankie is trying kick her drug/alcohol habits, Slick Em’ promoted his coke-snorting on WSHH like it was a new music video. Frankie Arrested For Probation Violation & Possesion […]

Pretty Ricky is taking a new approach to their music. The once raunchy and outrageous quartet opted for a pop single instead of their usual “baby-making” music.

All this time people have been spreading rumors and assuming that because one of the members of Pretty Ricky danced half naked in a room, calling out all the male artists in the industry, that the boys P.R were gay. I’m happy to tell you this folks – Slick’Em has a sex tape out and […]

Valentine’s Day is pretty much around the corner so the perfect music roster is essential.

Is Diamond Blue From Pretty Ricky A Deadbeat Dad? TT Torrez gets the scoop once again as Pretty Ricky’s Diamond Blue calls in to rebuke claims that he got Tisha Campbell’s little sister pregnant.

I’ve heard some really bad songs in my thirty years on this planet, and I thought that after R. Kelly’s “Trapped In The Closet,” which was so bad it actually turned out to be pretty good, that I’d heard the worst of it.