When it comes to hip-hop, sometimes it pays to be hard, literally. While some rappers spend a bunch of time coming up with memorable monikers to help push whatever image they are hoping to portray others do it to shake the name their mama’s gave them.

It’s not unheard of for rappers to embrace their government names publicly but sometimes, it becomes a liability and source of ridicule for adversaries (remember when Cam’Ron belittled 50 Cent for being named “Curtis”?).

We bypassed Fiddy’s borderline awful given and decided not to reach back in time and pull Rob Van Winkle (Vanilla Ice) out of the bag to compile our 10 list of contemporary hip-hop artists with the most un-gangsta gov’ments. Believe me there are some rappers with some ugly names out there.

These are our least favorite:

Did we miss anyone with an ugly name? Are a few of these rappers are overrated? Don’t believe us? Check out our Top 10 Most Overrated MC’s list. Speak on it in the comments section.

Words: Pharoh Martin

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