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In an exclusive interview, Vlad TV sat down with rapper Chingy and spoke with him regarding the allegedly false accusations that he had once engaged in a relationship with known transsexual Sydney Starr! People have been waiting to hear about this for just about ever!  Chingy spoke on how allegedly he simply took a friendly picture […]

Sidney Starr.  Nadia Milan.  Amiyah Scott.  From the outside they look like the ideal eye candy seen in any hip-hop video or on the arm of the hottest rapper.  But these three women all share something in common—they were all born biologically male.  All three have also been rumored to date notable hip-hop artists.  An […]

Chingy’s impressive 2003 debut with singles “Right Thurr”and “Holiday Inn” paved the way for two successful albums including Jackpot and Powerballin. Since then, Chingy has fallen off rap’s radar but is attempting a comeback with “Paperman.” Can he pull it off? or is he going to need a better track than this to do so? […]

Kat Stacks is after a new victim and it isn’t a male rapper (well o.k at least half of that is true). She is coming(not in a good way) after Sidney Star–the beautiful alleged tranny that is in cahoots with rapper Chingy.

It’s exciting when an artist releases a music video and they create a new dance to go along with their song. Now you know exactly what to do when it comes on in the club!

We didn’t know whether to make this a where are they now? post or what. But we bring you Chingy’s birthday party at TAO in Las Vegas! Warning: there are no big name celebs at this event.