Shockwaves are being felt all over the NBA today as one of the most talented Point Guards to ever touch the ball announced his retirement. Jason Kidd is calling it quits after 19 seasons, and his presence in the game will be sorely missed.

Kidd made his rounds within the NBA as far as the number of teams he played for, but each team he was a part of, excelled in some way, due to his membership on their roster. Ever the team player, Kidd perfected allowing others to be great along side him. He played a selfless game, willing to pass the ball around to the man who could get the job done, and he played with heart as well. He had a quickness and an eye that you can’t be taught to have, you must be born with it. Jason Kidd played a respectable game of basketball and he will definitely be remembered for it.

Kidd told

“I think it is the right time, when you think about 19 years, it has been a heckuva ride. Physically, I want to be able to participate in activities with my kids so it has taken a toll. It is time to move on and think about maybe coaching or doing some broadcasting. Jeff [Schwartz] (Kidd’s Agent) and I and my family had been talking this past weekend,We talked a lot and we felt it was the right time to move on and so we notified the Knicks. They were kind of taken aback. We told them [earlier] that I wanted to come back and play. But this weekend was when we got a chance to relax [and really think about it]. It is the right thing to do.”

In speaking about his greatest accomplishments and what he will remember the most Kidd said;

“The two things that are probably tied for first are winning a championship with the Mavericks and also being able to win a gold medal, two gold medals with Team USA, and then underneath that, will probably be sharing Rookie of the Year with Grant [Hill].”

J. Kidd spoke on what he would like to be remembered for the most;

“The biggest thing is winning, no matter what percentage, no matter what my numbers say in the sense of points, assists, rebounds and steals, it’s always been about winning. And it will always be about winning … making my teammates better.”

Kidd addressed whether his struggles at the end were a factor into his decision to retire, said Jason;

“Everybody will probably say that. But I didn’t come into the league as a shooter or scorer and I guess I won’t be leaving as one. I just tried to play the game the right way. As you get older, Father time is undefeated. The ball just wouldn’t go in for me at the end. I thought I had a great season.”

As for what he thinks will happen with the Knicks next season, Kidd said;

“They got a good group of guys. Most people felt that was an old team but we knew that the core of the team — Melo [Carmelo Anthony], Tyson [Chandler] and J.R. [Smith] — they are young. We had some success so I think they are sitting in a good spot and [general manager] Glen Grunwald and [owner James] Dolan and [coach Mike] Woodson are figuring out the pieces that can help them be a championship-type team.”

Grunwald said in a statement;

“Jason’s value to the Knicks and the National Basketball Association cannot be quantified by statistics alone, everyone here in New York saw firsthand what a tremendous competitor he is and why Jason is considered to be one of the best point guards, and leaders, the game has ever seen.”

Says Woodson;

 “Kidd provided an incredible voice inside our locker room and I considered it an honor to say I coached him.”

In the end it came down to this for Kidd, said Jason;

“It’s a grind, physically, I feel good. Mentally, I might be just a little tired because of the grind. And once if your mind is not into it 100 percent, then you are not going to be successful and bad things can happen with the sense of injuries. I don’t want to go down that road. It is time for me to look forward to doing something new.”

We wish the all-star the very best of luck in his future endeavors, and salute him for all the years of amazing ball play and entertainment. Jason Kidd leaves the game a class act.

Thanks to we found some highlights of J. Kidd’s Career, take a look below!



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