Unquestionably the biggest pop star of all time, Michael Jackson transformed the face of music and culture as we know it. MJ’s achievements transcended the world of music, to include standout performances in movies such as The Wiz.

As one of the most celebrated entertainers in the world, people were used to extravagance from the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. But according rap legends Naughty By Nature, Michael’s buddy Bubbles had a better ride than most cats in the business.

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In an interview with Peter Rosenberg and DJ Cipha Sounds, Treach & Kay Gee talked about being on the Chicago set of the video for Jackson’s single “Jam.”

“Mike said ‘Treach, that record is the sh*t,'” Treach remembers of “OPP” which samples The Jackson’s “ABC.”  “There is a classic photo of us, Michael and Heavy D on the set of the ‘Jam’ video. We were home and they were in Chicago shooting. Heavy called and said you guys need to get out here, Mike wants to meet you.”

Somewhere between the Michael JordanKris Kross and Heavy-D cameos they recall seeing Bubbles pull up to the scene in his own limo. No trainer, no handler.

“The driver got out of the car, walked to the back, opened the door and out comes Bubbles,” they said.  (Listen at the 1 hour mark.)

Nowadays Bubbles is doing his humble brag amongst his fellow primates at the Center For Great Apes in Florida, where he has lived since 2005.

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