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One of the best moments in recent television history was Wayne Brady’s scene-stealing appearance on “Chappelle’s Show” in 2005. In the sketch Chappelle has “left” the show, leaving producers to hire Brady to take his place. When Dave has second thoughts about “leaving” they flashback to a crazy night with Brady where we find out that he is nowhere near as soft as Paul Mooney makes him out to be.  Many quotables, including “Does Wayne Brady have to choke a b*tch,” became embedded in the lexicon of great TV forever, but with a price.

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Just as Lil Jon grew tired of strangers running up on him screaming, “Yeah! What?? Ok!” Wayne Brady welcomes the day when someone doesn’t come up to him on the street asking when he will put the paws on an unsuspecting female.

Watch as he pleads with the Internet to at least get the quote right if you insist on asking for the millionth time…

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