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Nelson Mandela was well-known for his political influence throughout the 20th century. The political leader and social activist was held in regard for his efforts in trying to end apartheid. Mandela was the first Black President of South Africa and also the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Check out a few lyrics that praise the South African activist.

“Future”- DJ Khaled featuring Ace Hood, Big Sean, Vado & Wale

“Multiple colors, my mind’s more productive than others/Married to Winnie, he think he really Nelson Mandela” –Wale

Nelson Mandela was married to Winnie Madikizela from 1958 to 1996. Winnie is known for her support and contribution to the African National Congress.

“Letter To The King”- The Game featuring Nas

“The pictures I paint, make the Mona Lisa look like fake art/I feel the pain of Nelson Mandela/Cause when it rains it pours, I need Rihanna’s Umbrella” –The Game

“Letter To The King” is a musical tribute to civil rights leaders like Nelson Mandela and several others.  The Game was probably referring to the abuse Mandela endured while being in prison for 27 years.

“What If”- Jadakiss featuring Nas

“What if Diddy did a dime flat?/What if Nelson Mandela could give his time back? What if Malcolm was silent? What if Martin was violent?”- Jadakiss

Nelson Mandela was convicted of sabotage and conspiracy to overthrow the government. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. Mandela was wrongfully imprisoned for 27 years.

“Selling Drugs”-Logic

“I’m kinda on my Roc-A-Fella meets Nelson Mandela/Raining money, no umbrella flow/ Most of these people they will never know/What you have to sacrifice as a person to truly grow.”-Logic

After being imprisoned for 27 years, Mandela’s political impact grew tremendously. In 1994, Mandela became the first black president of South Africa.

“Talk That”- Lil Wayne featuring T-Pain

“You can ask the bank teller/But my money old like Nelson Mandela” –Lil Wayne

Really Lil Wayne? That was a low blow. Mandela was born on July 18, 1918 in Mvezo, South Africa.


“The Illest”- Immortal Technique featuring Jean Grae & Pumpkinhead

“I’ve just begun to bust, I’ll make this place open gondola/These racist cops wanna lock me longer than Nelson Mandela.” –Immortal Technique

We’re pretty sure you might have to do something pretty crazy to get incarcerated for nearly 27 years, Immortal Technique but who knows. Nelson Mandela was sentenced to a life sentence in prison along with five years hard labor in 1962. He spent the next 18 years on Robben Island before being transferred to Pollsmoor Maximum Security Prison. The last two years of Mandela’s incarceration were spent at Victor Verster Prison.

“Erase Me”- Kool G Rap and DJ Polo featuring Bizmarkie and Big Daddy Kane

“You know, now now that we see/ Nelson N-Nelson Mandela’s free” -Bizmarkie

On February 11, 1990, Nelson Mandela was released from prison. A few months later he spoke at Yankee Stadium in New York.



“Imagine if Malcom X never would have made it/And Nelson Mandela was never incarcerated.” –Cassidy

Well that’s food for thought. On this track, Cassidy imagines a world without the action of several civil rights leaders. What would the world be like had Nelson Mandela not been incarcerated?

“Fair Fight”- Strong Arm Steady featuring Ab-Soul, Jay Rock & Schoolboy Q

“Yo, my niggas cry freedom like Nelson Mandela/Played by Morgan Freeman.” –Phil da Agony

Despite the fact that Phil da Agony is referring “Cry Freedom,” Morgan Freeman did not play Nelson Mandela until 2009. Freeman portrayed Nelson Mandela in “Invictus.” The movie depicts Mandela during his first term as president.


“I Was There”– KRS-One featuring Marley Marl

“When Nelson Mandela was freed from prison/And spoke out at Yankee Stadium in New York, I was there.” –KRS-One

You all couldn’t tell KRS-One anything, he witnessed an important moment in history. On June 21, 1990 Nelson Mandela spoke at Yankee stadium. Mandela had been promoting his campaign to end apartheid in South Africa.


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