A man named Leon Rosby was arrested June 30 after taking a video of a SWAT team in California.

In the NSFW videos, you see Rosby pull his car to the corner of the street where he proceeds to take video of the situation. He gets out of his car with his Rottweiler, getting super close to the commotion to record.

Other people in the Hawthorne, California neighborhood were watching or taking video as well (because we have become a YouTube generation), but they did so at a distance.

Two police officers notice, after almost seven minutes, and you see them walking toward Rosby, who goes to put his dog in the car. The officers immediately put him in cuffs.

Like most dogs who protect their owners, the dog started barking from the car, jumped out of the window, and continued to bark at the police. Then they shot the dog.

According to Buzzfeed, he Hawthorne Police Department released a press release of the incident, but it was prepared by an officer who was NOT on the scene.

They’ve already gotten a barrage of comments on their Facebook page as well.


Do you think the shooting was in self-defense, or could the shooting been prevented? Do you think Rosby should have been arrested?

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