Rihanna better fix up and look sharp at her next tour stop because she caught major heat from her fans in Gdynia, Poland. After waiting for an hour, Rihanna fans became restless and highly upset. Once Rih Rih hit the stage, her fans met her with chants of Beyonce‘s name.

Some people took their frustrations to Twitter. One person tweeted, “Will you get on the stage at last? 50 minutes late is a complete lack of respect to the people who came to listen to you.” While it’s true that Rihanna being late is highly disrespectful to the people who paid their money to see her, as her fans, they should have known home girl is usually late top her performances. Another person echoed my sentiments on Twitter, “Don’t understand those people being disappointed with Rihanna being late on stage- she was late EVERY time, should have been prepared 4 it!”

I so wish there was video of this occurring. You know Rihanna isn’t scared to cuss a fan out, so I wonder how she reacted.



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