When it comes to foreign diplomacy, Dennis Rodman isn’t the first person you think of. However, the former basketball star is in North Korea with ten other former basketball players participating in what is being called “basketball diplomacy.” While the efforts are noble, Rodman recently lost his cool when journalist Chris Cuomo posed some hard […]

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TMZ is reporting that former Death Row Records mogul Suge Knight was pulled over by police and the po-po’s had their guns out and pointed at him! But what’s even crazier is that it’s now being reported that they pulled him over on Friday as a result of a case of “mistaken identity”! RELATED: Suge Knight Arrested […]

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As we previously reported, TLC group members T-Boz and Chilli recently debuted their bio pic Crazy, Sexy, Cool The TLC Story on VH1. The original airing of the movie was seen by a whopping 4.5 million viewers. This was a huge win for the girls who portrayed the famed group, TLC members themselves and VH1 collectively. RELATED: TLC’s […]

  Singer Chris Brown is going through it right now. He feels his actions have become the center of everyone’s attention due to the media constantly reporting on his behavior. So rather than getting his act together and changing his public persona, Breezy did everything his publicists have told him not to do and tweeted […]

                 Rihanna better fix up and look sharp at her next tour stop because she caught major heat from her fans in Gdynia, Poland. After waiting for an hour, Rihanna fans became restless and highly upset. Once Rih Rih hit the stage, her fans met her with chants of Beyonce‘s name. Some people took their […]