Popular rap duo Ying Yang Twins have taken issue with today’s rappers using their slang “Hanh!!!” The “Whistle While You Twerk” rhymers dropped a diss record aimed at French Montana and Kanye West for their use of the term.

But as you would assume, nobody is really taking them too seriously. French Montana playfully responded to the Ying Yang Twins’ diss record with a tweet. French Montana saw Complex Magazine tweet their article about the Ying Yang Twins’ diss record “Sayin’ My Word.” Rather than getting upset, French retweeted the article with the comment “HANH!!! lol.”

On “Sayin’ My Word,” the Ying Yang Twins open the track by saying, “Now every mothafucka from Atlanta already know that I was the first mothafucka screaming ‘hanh.’ So, if you think you started it first, get your mind right.” Obviously, French Montana gives no f**ks about the Ying Yang Twins or who started to use the “hanh” catchphrase first. It’s all about the music.

Speaking of the music, who makes better music? Ying Yang Twins or French Montana? Let us know your pick below.



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