Longtime G-Unit member, and 50 Cent’s DJ, Whoo Kid recently talked about 50’s new “War Angel” mixtape and even hinted that Lil Wayne might be 50’s next target. “Somebody’s always gotta be buried,” Whoo Kid said about the mixtape’s ‘Prepare For Total Destruction’ cover warning. “I’m just gonna let everybody get ready. What you do is figure out who’s still relevant, who’s still rapping.”

Check out 50’s victims so far below:

Whoo Kid talked about 50 Cent’s next target saying “It’s definitely not Eminem, but have your fans call up and think who we should bury. It’s kinda obvious. The fans know. Don’t spoil it for all the people out there, I mean, but you know Lil Wayne always cops a plea.”

He has his daddy, always calls up and talks for him states that Lil Wayne doesn’t have time for beef he’s more worried about money and pills and rock music. He’s not really worried about beef and stuff like that. And the chick that handles his weave, you know, he’s worried about his hair right now. Shout-out to the police officer, Rick Ross.”

Check out the video below:

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