CNN’s Don Lemon made the mistake of not only getting a very 1992 looking haircut but in asking TWITTER what they thought of it! After the recent comments he has made about black life and society, we are not sure what he was thinking! Read the responses to see exactly what we mean!

First of all here is the hair cut in question!

And let the Twitter backlash begin in 5,4,3,2 and Go!

The tweets  go on and on and on from there! Apparently people didn’t really think as much of his new cut as he did when he left the shop! We get the feeling this is not the last you will hear on this issue! Yikes! Remind us not to ask “Black Twitter” what they think of our new hairstyles…EVER!


Don woke up to the #DonLemonLooksLike Trending Topic and had this to say:


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