People go to extremes just to make sure another person isn’t happy. In this case, a mother took her level of disdain for the father of her children to an inexcusable level. A woman murdered her children after it was ruled that primary custody of the children should go to the father.

Although many details are being withheld due to the age of the children, it has been reported that 42-year-old Marilyn Edge murdered her 13-year-old autistic son and nine-year-old daughter after a judge declared the children should be returned to the primary custody of the children’s father. Prosecutors believe Edge poisoned her kids.

As the story goes, Marilyn Edge and her ex-husband Mark had been in a very long feud over the custody of their son Jaleel and daughter Faith. Marilyn Edge lost the case while the kids were in her care, which was a Wednesday. She texted Mark Edge that she would bring the children back to his home on the upcoming Sunday. However, Jaleel and Faith never made it back to their father’s house because their mother poisoned them on Saturday. Once Mark Edge was notified about what happened to his kids, he was taken to the hospital for stress.

Marilyn Edge tried to take her own life as well, but was caught by police before she could succeed. She was driving a car and crashed it into an electrical box. When people tried to help her, she refused to get out of the car and even wrapped an electrical cord around her neck as people tried to free her from the car. If convicted of two counts of murder with special circumstances, she could face the death penalty.



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