It was a hard loss for the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday when they faced the New Orleans Saints this past Sunday. (September 22) The loss was especially tough for Arizona’s safety Rashad Johnson. During the game, Rashad Johnson lost the the tip of his middle finger while making a tackle.

As the story goes, johnson tackled Saints player Darren Sproles during a punt return. After the play was over, Johnson felt a pain in his hand,. once he removed his glove to inspect the issue, he saw the tip of his middle finger was gone. When I say “gone,” I mean the finger tip was separated from the rest of the finger at the knuckle. Rashad Johnson pulled himself together and wrapped his hand and finished playing the rest of the game.

As you would imagine, Johnson had emergency surgery after the game. According to reports, Johnson had to have his finger bone shaven down amongst other repairs. We’re glad to know Johnson will be back on the field once his finger is fully healed. We’re also glad that no photos of his injury have hit the internet. Nobody needs to see all of that.



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