A casual look at the last year of superhero films reveals that the genre is in desperate need of revitalization. Outside of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, it was the weakest year for the genre since the first Avengers took the box office by storm. From The Flash, Ant-Man […] The post Why We Need More Black Superheroes On The Big Screen appeared first on NewsOne.

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Thirteen-year-old Emma Zamora just wants to go home to her mansion.

Jason Pierre-Paul has finally taken another step in his recovery process since the unfortunate July 4th fireworks accident that led to his right index finger being amputated.

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Last month, fans were shocked and saddened when Louisiana rapper Boosie Badazz (aka Lil Boosie) revealed that he had been diagnosed with kidney cancer. Although Boosie deleted the original post from his personal Instagram page confirming his diagnosis, many were left wondering what this meant for him, especially considering his 2014 revelation that he’s also […]

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An 8-year-old Baltimore boy who is being dubbed a medical phenomenon is looking forward to finally being able to play with his little sister and, hopefully, the…

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According to TMZ , “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member Kenya Moore wants  to have a baby so bad that she had surgery to ensure that it was still possible. Sources close to the 42-year-old reality star allegedly told TMZ  that she had surgery Friday to remove fibroid tumors from her uterus. Fibroids are a benign type of […]

  It was a hard loss for the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday when they faced the New Orleans Saints this past Sunday. (September 22) The loss was especially tough for Arizona’s safety Rashad Johnson. During the game, Rashad Johnson lost the the tip of his middle finger while making a tackle. As the story goes, […]

  You can’t make stuff like this up if you tried to. A 70-year-old inmate received the worst pain of his life when he somehow got a four-inch fork lodged in his penis. The prisoner was heavily into autoerotic stimulation. He figured he would get his rocks off by forcing the eating utensil into the […]

  In the age of social media, entertainers and common folk have all taken the art of over sharing to a whole new level. Houston rapper Slim Thug brought fans inside of the operating room with him recently. He was instagramming photos of himself right before he went under the knife to get a vasectomy. […]

  People in the world never cease to amaze me. A British woman wants to become permanently paralyzed and is seeking a doctor to cut her spine. Chloe Jennings-White is a 58-year-old woman who lives life as a paraplegic despite having an affinity for skiing and being a fully functioning able-bodied person. Jennings-White says she […]

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  TMZ is reporting that Chris Brown has been accused of hurting a 24-year-old girl inside of an Orange County nightclub Saturday night! The supposed victim Deanna Gines claims that Brown was so violent with her that she may require surgery! Deanna Gines tells TMZ the shove that Chris delivered to her in the VIP section of […]