Wow! Vanilla Ice is all grown up and giving advice to young stars about how not to be so well…douchey! Isn’t it ironic…don’t you think? Vanilla Ice aka Rob Van Winkle called in to TMZ to discuss the trap that Justin Bieber has sort of fallen into and how he can get out of it before he throws his entire career away.

Check it out below!


Now that we think about it, Vanilla Ice may in fact be the perfect choice of older guy to speak on this to Justin and Miley too for that matter. He went through a whole lot during his time at the top and when he fell from grace he fell super hard. But look at how well he has done for himself. Don’t get it twisted just because he isn’t rapping anymore doesn’t mean he hasn’t done a good job investing his money and taking on projects that more than pay his bills. He survived the rigmarole of the industry and is still standing. Good job Uncle Ice!


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