Let's face it: we were all tired of the countless wedding entrance songs, and clearly a UK bride's sister who was given maid of honor duties felt the same way.


Alright, stop, collaborate, and…wait, what?  ABC News reported today that Vanilla Ice was arrested for Burglary in Florida.  According to reports, property that had been stolen from a home near one Ice (whose real name is Robbie Van Winkle) was renovating was recovered at his home.  Among the items found in Ice’s home: furniture, bicycles, […]

  Former rapper Vanilla Ice had one of the biggest hits of the early 90s with “Ice Ice Baby.” The hit rap song featured a major sample of Queen and David Bowie’s classic “Under Pressure.” Ice was sued for a hefty amount of money for lifting the sample without getting permission. For that reason, Vanilla […]

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  Wow! Vanilla Ice is all grown up and giving advice to young stars about how not to be so well…douchey! Isn’t it ironic…don’t you think? Vanilla Ice aka Rob Van Winkle called in to TMZ to discuss the trap that Justin Bieber has sort of fallen into and how he can get out of […]

Every so often there’s a hip hop phenom who touches our hearts and leaves our heads confused at the same damn time. Trinidad James falls into this category. I’m not really sure who he is or where he came from (I’m assuming the Ratchet Holyland that we call Atlanta), but he has really blown up […]

Vanilla Ice has his dose of haterade this morning before stating that he “Sold over a hundred million records. And I had a weekend that lasted about three years, and I didn’t know who I was, what’s my purpose in life.” “So my prediction about Bieber is that he’s going to go through one of those […]

Music and movies have always gone together.  Musicals have been popular films since the golden era of Hollywood.  Back in the day, it was almost required that film stars be able to sing just as well as they could act.

Since the greatest rapper of all time is white, we thought a tribute to the best white rappers ever is definitely needed. Peep the gallery inside the story!