Killa! Wow! So before we jump into the video of Cam giving an interview regarding his response to Jay Z’s verse on “Pound Cake” let us not forget that the history between these two rappers is epic! Some have made the argument that Cam karmically got his “just desserts” as it pertains to the rise of Jay. The treatment of Jay by Cam and Dame Dash was less than stellar back in the day, so this entire situation with the verses and the jabs between the two is pretty interesting…hell it’s down right funny!

OK so in a recent collab with Drake, Jay spit about Cam in his verse.

Said Jay,

“I done made more millionaires than the Lotto did/Dame made millions//Biggs [Burke] made million/Kanye made millions, Just made millions/Lyor made millions/Cam made millions.”

Cam was not feeling the comment…not even a little bit! So he took to the mic and expressed it over the classic Jodeci cut “Come And Talk To Me”.

Said Cam,

“She said Jay made you a millionaire and looked me in the eyes/Said cake, cake, cake, got that from the pies / We made each other millions, that was my reply / But had a mill before I met him, baby, that ain’t no lie/See he named some Harlem cats and homie from the Chi/but my thing is he ain’t name nobody from the Stuy”

Doh! See what Cam had to say about the situation in the video below!

Balls in Jay’s court…will he hit it and return the serve or let it die? We don’t know..but we are popping our corn and pouring our soda’s in advance!


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