You No Longer Need To “Hunt” Your “Prey”

Some years back, getting a girl was a chore. One needed to invent clever lines and approach them in public places because there was no shortcut to ‘tang procurement. With internet accessibility, all you really need to do is Tweet a “Hey Boo,” or gain access to their inbox. While I won’t credit this to some type of baby boom or STD pandemic, it sure has made locating, isolating, & capturing a sex partner much more hassle free. On the brighter side, though, without a direct need to impress the other person (unless you’re Skyping — & even then it’s not a must), both parties can save money on gas & fancy clothing. Now, with “Catfishing” recently being exposed as such a common phenomenon, I predict that online dating mate-hunting will experience a regress, due to the fact that the girl you met online won’t be the girl you meet in public. After awhile, things’ll be back to good ol’ bus stop stalking and street harassment, like it should be.

There’s an old saying: “Anything worth having is worth working for.” Smartphones make finding a mate easier than soliciting a prostitute and that speaks volumes to the caliber of chicks (or cats) one can snag online with minimal effort. It should be no confusion as to why that “Catfish” show is so popular.

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