A store clerk in Brentwood, Long Island  just made a strong case for hazard pay and some extra vacation days when he foiled a robbery at his aunt’s convenience store.  According to the NY Post, the 24-year-old man–who remains unidentified at the family’s request–literally dodged a bullet and pulled out a machete to get a would-be robber out of the store.

“I’m proud of him. He did good but it was too dangerous. He put himself at risk but I’m glad he’s OK. He’s lucky he didn’t get hurt,” said deli owner Elena Alvarado, 48, whose business has been robbed more than a dozen times in the 14 years she’s owned it.  Even though video footage is dated 2011, the incident actually happened in September of this year.

“The suspect came in with a gun and said, ‘Give me the money!’ My nephew said, ‘No’ and the guy just shot. My nephew bent down, took the machete and ran after him,” she said.

See, this is what happens when you rent “Kick Ass” on-demand one too many times.

Watch the video of his heroism below.



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