Labor Day around the nation usually calls for a final round of family BBQs, drinks on the beach and all-white fashion. But for New York City, it’s a day when West Indians of all islands come together to celebrate the culture. It’s a day for waving flags, Caribbean cuisine and sweet sweet soca. Whether you’re […]

A store clerk in Brentwood, Long Island  just made a strong case for hazard pay and some extra vacation days when he foiled a robbery at his aunt’s convenience store.  According to the NY Post, the 24-year-old man–who remains unidentified at the family’s request–literally dodged a bullet and pulled out a machete to get a […]


  Do you need some proof that it’s the end of days and that society as we know it is coming to a close? Check out the video of Minnie Mouse Twerking below! Nope don’t rub your eyes or check it again you saw it correctly TWERKING! Check out the ratchetivity below!     What […]

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  Says Jasiri-X about his new song and video, ““We Coming” was inspired by the Dream Defenders, BYP100, and the movement of fast food and low wage workers to get $15 an hour and the right to form a union. “We Coming” was shot on location in Milwaukee, WI during the 8/29 Strike that took […]

  Dave Chappelle has always been a champion of the working class.  Between his stand-up comedy specials and the classic “Chappelle’s Show,” he really stayed on the pulse of the trials and tribulations of the common man and woman.  When he walked away from millions of dollars in 2005 on principle we all weeped but applauded […]

New York’s West Indian Day Carnival has been a tradition in the city since the 1920s. Immigrants from Trinidad and various islands throughout the Caribbean held private celebrations in Harlem with music and food from their native countries that soon became public affairs. After undergoing several evolutions over the years, it now exists as one […]

This Labor Day Weekend The Urban Daily wanted to highlight some  of the hardest jobs in the music business. In no particular order we list the gigs that all college guidance counselors should steer their students away from. Limo Driver/Chauffeur Forget driving Ms Dazy, when it comes to shuttling around celebrities it’s more like driving […]

Whether you’re taking the day off from work or taking the day off from looking for work (that’s a job by itself!) we’ve put together some songs that pay homage to the hustle. Happy Labor Day!

On Kanye West’s debut album College Dropout the disgruntled workers anthem “Spaceships” was considered one of the standout tracks for its honesty. Assisting him on the track were Consequence and Chicago native GLC.