So according to Clutch Magazine, there appears to be some resentment from white women and black men regarding black girls trying to remind themselves that they are worth a damn in a world that discards them as if they were defective Jordan’s on a saturday morning.

When “Black Girls Rock” aired and trended on Twitter, several black men and white women banded together to create the #whitegirlsrock hashtag.

The reasoning was that if they created a “White Girls Rock,” show or hashtag, it’d be considered racist as seen in the conversation in a tweet below.

Being Mary Jane” writer Mara Brock Akil captured that painful reality on “Black Girls Rock,” when she said:

“We walk around in our home called America, and yet we don’t see our picture on the wall. White girls see their picture on the mantel in a gold frame but we’re absent. When we are represented in the popular imagination, we’re loud, unlovable, fat, angry, lazy, promiscuous and ugly. When we see ourselves, we’re reminded that we’re worth protecting, worth loving and require nothing less than respect.”

It’s apparently open season on black women as a week ago, the topic #stopblackgirls2013 trended as well. Several black men used the hashtag to tweet humiliating and degrading images of black women. They posted hateful statements dismissing black women as a group.

The Black Girls Rock! Foundation was founded in 2006 to celebrate, empower and uplift black women of color. It champions positive ideals like non-violence, community service, academic excellence, health and wellness, and sisterhood. The Awards show honors various women who are dedicating their lives to making a difference, from young girls to legendary musicians.

Funny how the same ones who try to enlarge their lips, get tans, get breasts and butt implants to look like black women had a problem with black women appreciating themselves. We can’t quite wrap our minds around that.

How any BLACK MAN with a mother, daughter, aunt, niece or cousin could ever take part in some of the disrespectful things we have seen in the last week we are not sure but this just solidifies the need for black girls to stand up and say YES…BLACK GIRLS ROCK! They aren’t saying it for all of these other people who don’t know or don’t care about them…they are taking control and doing it for themselves. And it’s long overdue.



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