5) Cigars

What’s more gangster than sharing a cigar with the guys? You two have been rolling up Mary Jane since Wu-Tang’s first album. Avoid all phallic references and there’s nothing wrong with smoking on something you don’t have to split and dump out first.

6) Watches

It’s a good gift to show your boy you rock with him no matter how much time goes by. Besides, every time the battery dies in his pharmacy bought wrist wear, he ends up late. And if you’re sick of being embarrassed every time his sleeve comes up, help your boy out.

7) Hardware

Aren’t you tired of him coming through to borrow your hammer and then beating you in the head to help him build whatever he needed the hammer for in the first place? And by “helping” I mean actually building the damn thing for him? Get him his own hammer. Maybe then you can get the tools back he’s never returned.

8) Computer Equipment

Hook him up at Best Buy with a tablet or small laptop. Or you can keep explaining to your wife that the Catholic school girl porn on your comp really isn’t yours every time he borrows it and forget to clear your history before she checks her Facebook page. Do the right thing.


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