2) Drake

This is a tough one. Because on the surface October’s Very Own would seem to be at the top of his game. His last album Nothing Was The Same is all over the place and demand for homie couldn’t be higher. But have you ever heard the phrase  “You can’t win for losing”? If not, look it up, Drake’s face will probably be right next to it. Besides the fact that he’s running around town with his R&B rival Chris Brown’s leftover honey Rihanmna like that’s hot, besides the fact that he’s the only MC mentioned on Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Control who got butt-hurt over it and talked tough, which caused Kendrick to re-apply his Chuck Taylor to Aubrey’s ass with still no response. The mans fashion, presence and album generate more ode-to-softness, pages, hash-tags and memes in a month than most rappers see in their lifetime. His every word only enforcing his inner fluff only helps to solidify the fail.

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