As we previously reported, 16-year-old Sharkeisha Thompson sucker punched and then began beating up on her 17-year-old Houston, TX classmate…a young lady named Shay Manuel and the entire horrific occurrence was filmed by several of their would be “friends” who served as bystanders.

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The film has gone around the world and back more than a few times and the girl that was harmed has been re-victimized time and again as a result of the video playing on a non-stop loop for the past few weeks.

Shay’s mother Olivia Henderson sat down for an exclusive interview with The Urban Daily.

The Urban Daily: Thanks for reaching out to us Olivia. Let’s just start from the beginning. What was the first thought that went through your head when you saw your daughter Shay being brutalized  in the video?

Olivia Henderson:I was very angry that someone would do that to her and I wanted to cry but I didn’t. I saw how hurt she was and embarrassed because the video was was being viewed and people was laughing at her. I wanted to make it go away.

The Urban Daily: When your daughter got home that day…what did she tell you happened to her and was she afraid to talk about it?

OH: Well she was dropped off by a lady that lived in the apartments where she was assaulted. I wasn’t home. I was out running errands so my older daughters called me and told me she had been beat up. Upon me making it home she informed me that she had went to the apartments to retrieve her and her younger sister’s belongings. When she got to the back of the apartments she realized that something wasn’t right because a circle was formed around her and she saw them with their  phones out. She told me she thought “why did she come over here?” She said she asked Sharkesia what was wrong and Shelby said something to her and when she went to answer her that is when she was hit and everything went black. She was scared she was crying and I could tell she was hurt.

The Urban Daily: Has your daughter ever been bullied before?

OH: Yes she was bullied in the fourth grade as well as fifth grade in Elementary School. Also in Middle school her seventh grade year.

The Urban Daily: What has been done to the girls who hurt your daughter?

OH: Just recently last Thursday December 5,2013 the young lady that physically assaulted her was arrested but is being charged with a misdemeanor. The girl that lured her over to the apartments that video taped the assault has charges that are pending against her.

The Urban Daily: What are you hoping happens to your daughter’s attackers as a result of their actions?

OH: I would like for them to face felony charges and have to serve at least 6 months jail time and receive counseling and have to perform community service talking to kids about their actions and bullying.

The Urban Daily: Now that you have signed on to this anti-bullying there a specific message that you hope the project is able to get out to the people?

OH: Yes I would like it to be known that  a bully can be a presumed friend but may not actually be one. And bullying will not be tolerated. There need to be consequences for the actions of bullying. Also I want to make sure that people know not to be scared to say something to your loved ones about what is happening to you.

Well we definitely thank you Olivia for taking some time out to speak to us about this awful ordeal that you and your daughter are going through and we wish you the best of luck. And we send our applause to Shay for joining the Live Standing Up Campaign which will take her to schools all around the country to share her story! It takes a strong person to do this and it will empower so many other youths to stand up as well.

Take a look at the video below to check out the fantastic anti-bullying campaign that Olivia, Shay,  Bro 5, and Vivoman, have gotten involved with!

Click here for more information about how you can stand up against bullying and support the Indigogo Live Standing Up Campaign.


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