Chrissy Teigen already had one viral meme after displaying her ugly-cry face at the Golden Globes last year, but last night at the Oscars, she got another one that's just as hilarious. President Barack Obama put a smile on one girl’s face over the weekend after she was devastated to find out he wouldn’t serve a third term. Caprina Harris’ adorable granddaughter went viral last week when she became inconsolable after discovering her favorite president was leaving office. Harris suggested her granddaughter write a letter to […]

Mike Tyson's latest knock-out doesn't come from another boxer, but from riding a hoverboard.

As Drake closes in on grabbing his first No.1 hit on the Billboard charts, his latest gif-worthy video for “Hotline Bling” is sure to help catapult it up the charts.


If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if any of the group members from Next were to run into the internet star responsible for the “Why You Always Lyin” vine, which was inspired by their hit single “Too Close,” wonder no more. In a strange twist of fate (and likely some perfectly-timed PR planning) Next […]

As we previously reported, 16-year-old Sharkeisha Thompson sucker punched and then began beating up on her 17-year-old Houston, TX classmate…a young lady named Shay Manuel and the entire horrific occurrence was filmed by several of their would be “friends” who served as bystanders. Must Read: 50 Of The Most Epic GIFS From Beyonce’s New Videos The film […]

By now most of us have have heard all about Miss Sharkeisha and the the punch heard around the world. If by chance you have not…take a look at the video below to see exactly what we’re speaking on right now.     People can say this was random if they want to…however if it was […]

Buzzfeed recently posted a crazy video that is now making it’s way around the internets. It shows 15 different photos that look like one thing…but are really something else entirely! Just for fun take a look at the video below and see how fast you can spot the crazy!     We told you they […]