As we previously reported, 16-year-old Sharkeisha Thompson sucker punched and then began beating up on her 17-year-old Houston, TX classmate…a young lady named Shay Manuel and the entire horrific occurrence was filmed by several of their would be “friends” who served as bystanders. Must Read: 50 Of The Most Epic GIFS From Beyonce’s New Videos The film […]

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By now most of us have have heard all about Miss Sharkeisha and the the punch heard around the world. If by chance you have not…take a look at the video below to see exactly what we’re speaking on right now.     People can say this was random if they want to…however if it was […]

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Thanks to “Queen of The Ring ladies from all over are now taking the art of battle rap into serious concideration…but not everyone handles the battle appropriately. This was the case when two females by the names of  Lady Dee and Shay went at it in an Ohio battle. One hit the other and then it was […]

If you missed the Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, you missed a great fight! It only lasted four rounds, but it had action and ended with drama. Mayweather threw a sucker punch while Ortiz was apologizing for a head butt, and Ortiz was unable to recover from […]

In this week’s edition of Pass the Popcorn, Victoria Audele gives us the lowdown on Sucker Punch, The Lion of Judah and Disney’s Tangled out on DVD. Take A Look: