In case you missed it, Toya Wright was arrested in Georgia yesterday. Wright was driving and was puled over as part of a routine traffic stop. When police ran her name, they discovered she had a warrant out for her arrest and was promptly taken into custody. One day later, Lil Wayne‘s ex-wife is saying she will never ever go back to jail because the experience shook her to the core.


According to Wright, the warrant was a result of a speeding ticket that “slipped through the cracks.” Although she spent less than 24 hours in locked behind bars, the whole experience made her decide she was going to keep a clean record so that she never has to see the inside of a cell again. Toya Wright, who appeared on the BET reality show “Tiny & Toya,” said she witnessed some of the other prisoners being treated “inhumanely.” However, she wouldn’t go into any detail about what exactly she saw. (Wayne’s no snitching rules must really be ingrained in her memory.)

Toya Wright concluded, “I wouldn’t wish jail time for my worst enemy. What I witnessed was so bad that I don’t even want to leave the house right now.” The good thing about the experience is that it inspired Toya to work toward becoming an advocate for the better treatment of prisoners.



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