In case you missed it, Toya Wright was arrested in Georgia yesterday. Wright was driving and was puled over as part of a routine traffic stop. When police ran her name, they discovered she had a warrant out for her arrest and was promptly taken into custody. One day later, Lil Wayne‘s ex-wife is saying […]

You never really know someone until they get arrested and all of their dirty laundry hits the streets. A Florida mayor is currently locked underneath the prison system after being arrested for making a little extra money on the side by selling drugs.   MORE ON THEURBANDAILY.COM: The Best Gifts For Every Zodiac Sign Hampton, […]

New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez is a wanted man and not just by sports groupies. The police have issued a warrant for his arrest. The warrant is due to the NFL star obstructing justice in the investigation into the death of a man named Odin Lloyd. Hernandez has been hounded by the press and […]

  According to TMZ, a judge just issued an arrest warrant for Eric Williams for completely blowing off a paternity case which required him to both appear and submit a DNA sample. Williams who apparently is still not divorced from “Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams got the paternity suit last year when a woman claimed he was the father […]

  Per djsdoingwork.com, authorities wanna “put paws” on Lil Scrappy! This whole dilemma seems to be stemming from a problem in March, when Lil Scrappy attempted to provide a urine sample that was cold, to officials. [Gross Editor’s Note] Anyone who has ever been of pre-school age knows, urine is not cold when it comes out, it’s body […]