New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez is a wanted man and not just by sports groupies. The police have issued a warrant for his arrest. The warrant is due to the NFL star obstructing justice in the investigation into the death of a man named Odin Lloyd.

Hernandez has been hounded by the press and Boston police after the death of Lloyd. Odin Lloyd was found shot in the head a mile away from Aaron Hernandez’s home. He was also the last person seen with Lloyd before he was found dead. Boston police have searched Hernandez’s home twice and the arrest warrant comes after the cops discovered the Patriots player destroyed video surveillance footage that’s tied to the investigation.

This isn’t the first time Hernandez has been involved in a shooting case. He is accused of shooting a man in Miami in February of this year. While the victim is filing a civil suit against the football player, he could still face criminal charges in Florida.



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