A Florida middle school teacher was suspending after assigning homework using Lil’ Wayne lyrics. The explicit lyrics to his hit “6 Foot 7 Foot” were printed and passed out to an eight grade class, and it made one parent very upset.

According to WPTV, a student’s parent Vanessa Guzman expressed, “This is crazy. They shouldn’t be giving this to kids in school… I’m uncomfortable reading this.”

“They shouldn’t be teaching this stuff in school for language arts. I mean, who in their right mind would give kids something like this?” she continued.

Wayne Owens, headmaster of the Boyton Beach school, released a statement:

“The lesson was for students to learn to identify literary devices.  The teacher had already introduced Edgar Allen Poe and Shakespeare.  Students were having difficulty grasping  the concepts of literary devices such as: pun, simile, metaphor, so the teacher used colloquial material. This material did not meet the school’s standards and was not approved.  The teacher recognizes that it was totally inappropriate for a school assignment.”

The teacher has been suspended for three days, and this was her first offense.


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