The unnamed male teacher at Green County High School in Greensboro, Georgia, is accused of calling Shaniaya Hunter, "the dumbest girl I have ever met." The comment came after Shaniaya experienced a number of absences due to an eye condition and asked the teacher in December for assistance catching up on her work, reports the New York Daily News.

Lawyers for Lee-Walker believe the teacher's First Amendment rights were violated, as well as her contract with the teacher's union.

If you stand for nothing, you fall for anything, and Roni Dean-Burren wasn’t going to stand for her ninth-grade son taking in erroneous information in his history book. The mom vented on Instagram about a misleading interpretation of history in World Geography by McGraw-Hill Education, according to Buzzfeed. A passage in the textbook, “Patterns of Immigration,” got history all wrong: The […]

About 100 Black men gathered at a Hartford, Conn. school to dole out high fives to students on their first day of school.

A kindergartner from California was made to switch schools and leave his friends after administrators told his parents his “modern fade” was distracting to other children,…

There seems to be little of his name sake in Metta World Peace‘s life. He was recently take n to family court because his baby mama says he is refusing to pay for their teenage son’s high school education. According to court documents, Jennifer Palma is seething that her college sweetheart Metta World Peace is […]

There must be something in the water down in Florida because every time you hear something on thew news that sounds too crazy to be true, it most likely happened in that state. For the latest edition of Florida crazy, a man critically injured his grandson when he shot the boy for not getting up […]

Legendary singer Gladys Knight is coming to the rescue of a North Carolina landmark. She and her husband Billy McDowell are restoring an all black segregation era school and turning it into a recreation center for the youth of the community. Knight and her husband took interest in restoring the building because it holds a […]

A Florida middle school teacher was suspending after assigning homework using Lil’ Wayne lyrics. The explicit lyrics to his hit “6 Foot 7 Foot” were printed and passed out to an eight grade class, and it made one parent very upset. According to WPTV, a student’s parent Vanessa Guzman expressed, “This is crazy. They shouldn’t […]

This past weekend was a rough one for a New York City college student. He somehow got himself lodged between two buildings in a two-foot-wide gap. He was rescued Sunday evening, but had been in the small space since seven in the morning on Saturday.   According to reports, 19-year-old sophomore Asher Vongtau was last […]

  Sports legend Deion Sanders has landed himself in water and this time it has nothing to do with his nasty divorce from estranged wife Pilar Sanders. Deion Sanders is being investigated after a Texas charter school employee claimed to have ben assaulted by the football legend. According to Kevin Jefferson, he was in a […]

Believe it or not rappers have a lot more going on for them then just a hit single and a few tours. Here’s a quick look at 21 rappers who attended college.