There must be something in the water down in Florida because every time you hear something on thew news that sounds too crazy to be true, it most likely happened in that state. For the latest edition of Florida crazy, a man critically injured his grandson when he shot the boy for not getting up to go to school.

72-year-old Ulysses Hayes got in the middle of an argument between his daughter and grandson. Apparently, the 16-year-old boy was refusing to get ready for school because he decided he wasn’t going. With his mother yelling at him to get up, the screaming match kept escalating until Ulysses Hayes stepped to defend his daughter. Hayes and his grandson argued for a little bit and when Hayes had enough he went and got his gun. Hayes shot his grandson.


Alachua County Sheriff’s spokesperson Art Forgey told local newspapers the Sheriff’s Office suspects there may be a history of the young teen assaulting and abusing his grandfather. Ulysses Hayes was questioned by police and released without being arrested. Forgey says Hayes wasn’t arrested because of information they learned while questioning the elderly man. The state attorney has yet to decide to file charges against Hayes.

The teen is still in critical condition after surgery to remove the bullet from hide back.



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