This past weekend was a rough one for a New York City college student. He somehow got himself lodged between two buildings in a two-foot-wide gap. He was rescued Sunday evening, but had been in the small space since seven in the morning on Saturday.


According to reports, 19-year-old sophomore Asher Vongtau was last seen on Saturday morning at 7 am when someone pulled the fire alarm in his New York University dorm. As everyone ran out of the building, friends say they saw Vongtau running up the stairs frantically. Friends of the student reported him missing Saturday night and spent the rest of the night looking for Vongtau. One friend told news reporters, “”Had we not told the security guards, the three of us 19-year-old students, to check the roof they would not have found him for who knows how long and he would probably be dead right now.” As it turns out, a security guard found Asher Vongtau after he heard the student’s moans. However, he wouldn’t have heard those moans if he hadn’t been urged by Vongtau’s friends to check the roof.

A spokesperson for NYU Public Safety John Beckman said, “One of the public safety officers was the person who found him in a very small space between 80 Lafayette St. and a [neighboring] garage.”

To get Asher Vongtau free from the small space, the FDNY had to breakthrough a wall in one of the buildings. It took them an hour and a half. Once free, Vongtau received an IV and oxygen. It still remains unknown how the student got caught in the tiny space in the first place. Some believe Vongtau fell off the roof while others assume it was due to a controlled substance he had in his system.



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