Has Demetria Lucas been arrested? The answer appears to be no, though it’s possible the famed A Belle In Brooklyn blogger and “Blood, Sweet and Heels” star has been picked up by the cops and managed to keep it off Google. A quick search of “Demetria Lucas” and keywords like “arrested” and “criminal record” turns up nothing, though she has been pulled over at least six times by the police, as she revealed in a 2012 piece for Clutch Magazine.

Has Demetria Lucas been arrested? Perhaps not, but the sixth time the author, TV star, and life coach was pulled over by the cops in her home state of Maryland, she nearly found herself in the slammer. Had the officer hauled her in, though, he’d likely have gotten in trouble, as Demetria Lucas claims she was stopped for “driving while black,” a non-violation known all too well by black men and women across the country. While Lucas admits her first three traffic stops were due to legitimate infractions—namely speeding—she insists the other three were cases of cops stopping her based on the color of her skin.

Even if the answer to the question “has Demetria Lucas been arrested?” is currently no, it could change, thanks to “Blood, Sweat and Heels.” She’s done nothing to suggest she’s the violent type, but she’s already had beef with fellow cast member Mica Hughes, and given how things often turn out on reality TV shows, there’s always a chance things will heat up, the cops will get a call, and someone will spend the night in the pokey

“If you’re not behaving to Demetria’s standards then you have a problem,” Hughes said of Lucas in an interview with Atlanta Daily World. “If you have a glass of wine in your hand, you’re a drunk. If you’re taking aspirin, you’re a drug addict. She will use anything against you to bring you down. She’s not a girl who supports.”

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